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I have handled hundreds of cases involving auto accidents in both my private practice and my previous 14 year career as a prosecutor. In addition, I have received training from the National Traffic Institute in accident reconstruction and, as a result, I understand the critical importance of conducting a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of your auto accident case in order to represent your interests and prepare your claim against the party at fault.

Once the extent of your injuries and other damages have been determined, a claim will be presented to the other driver’s insurance company and a demand for settlement will be made. In the vast majority of cases, negotiations with the insurance carrier result in a settlement wherein you receive a monetary settlement to reimburse you for your past and future medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Should the insurance company not offer you a fair settlement amount, you can decide to file a lawsuit and proceed with the litigation process. Once a lawsuit has been filed, each side can obtain additional information regarding your claim through the taking of witness depositions and requesting documents relevant to your medical treatment, wage losses and other damages.

While many attorneys handle auto accident cases, you should always inquire as to whether the attorney’s practice will refer your case to another attorney should you decide to reject the insurance company’s offer to settle as inadequate. (The insurance companies know which lawyers try cases and which ones always settle.) If you decide to file a lawsuit, I will continue to represent you through trial, if necessary. While most cases do settle prior to trial, I will seek the compensation that you deserve, not merely what the insurance company may offer to avoid a trial.