Practice Areas -> Drug Offenses / Trafficking

Drug offenses can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies in cases involving marijuana depending on the amount possessed. For all other controlled substances, the charge of sale or possession is a felony. Controlled substances include not only marijuana, cocaine, LSD and other street drugs, but also oxycodone, hydrocodone, xanax, any any other drug for which a prescription is required.

Trafficking charges involve the sale or possession of a specific amount of certain controlled substances (e.g.100 lbs of marijuana; 28 grams/ 200 grams/ 400 grams of cocaine) and are classified as 1st degree felonies which also require minimum mandatory prison sentences upon conviction.

Given the potential harsh sentence which a conviction for a trafficking charge can require, I spend extensive time examining all aspects of the police investigation, including the circumstances surrounding any search and seizure, whether a warrant was or should have been obtained, and whether the police employed an informant to obtain evidence which may be used at trial. Due to their complexity, these cases require representation by an attorney familiar with police practices and well versed in the law of search and seizure. In my 27 years of practicing criminal law, I have gained invaluable insights into how to both prosecute and defend the complex drug trafficking case.