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Premises liability

Premises liability cases include not only slip and fall cases, but any claim which is based on the negligence of a property and/or business owner to properly maintain their premises in a safe condition. These cases also include claims where individuals are hurt by the criminal actions of third persons when the property owner knew or should have known that such a danger from third parties existed. Robert Heyman has trial experience as both a prosecutor and a civil attorney in handling these types of cases. Whether a claim can be made depends upon the specific circumstances of your case and should be reviewed as soon as possible in order to preserve the evidence necessary to establish liability and the extend of your damages.

Slip and Fall

In his private practice, Robert Heyman has represented businesses, property owners and injured persons in Slip and Fall cases, although he now concentrates his efforts exclusively upon injured persons. Because these cases often occur in a transient environment, it is crucial to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation of the circumstances of the fall, including the taking of witness statements and the preservation and documentation of all available evidence.

Should you be injured as a result of a fall, Robert Heyman is available for a consultation to discuss both the potential liability for your injuries and the steps which should be taken to preserve the evidence of your claim.