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When you've been arrested or charged with crimes, there's a lot at stake. Defending yourself isn't an option – you need to be represented by a law firm that is known for helping clients reduce their charges and gain their freedom. Heyman Law Firm's criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg has decades of experience representing the criminally accused. As a former prosecutor, he also brings insider knowledge to each case and knows how the other side thinks. This kind of knowledge and our resources can give you the advantage you need to achieve your desired results. You can trust our team to offer non-judgmental, compassionate service at a time when it feels like no one is on your side.

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Our Trusted Criminal Defense Services


After you've been arrested, it's of the utmost importance that you don't make any statements until you have an attorney present. Our lawyer is well-versed on criminal law and can stand by your side to offer you advice and guide you through the questioning process. We're ready to begin the defense investigation immediately starting with assessing the crime scene.

Drug Trafficking Offenses

Individuals who are accused of possessing, selling, or importing controlled substances within Florida and across state lines can face long prison sentences and owe upwards of $200,000 if convicted. Our lawyer has demonstrated experience in helping clients avoid severe sentences and can help you during this challenging time.


Felonies involve more serious crimes like burglary, kidnapping, sex crimes, murder, and more, and usually result in prison sentences and fines. Our lawyer is well-versed on Florida's classification of felonies and can begin building your defense when you call.

Violation of Probation

If you've been arrested on a violation, we can discuss the case personally with your probation officer and secure the information we need to defend you in front of the judge. A majority of violations occur as a result of miscommunication between the probationer and probation officer; we can come to a resolution that benefits you and your future.

The Costs of Hiring Legal Representation

At Heyman Law Firm, criminal fees are usually quoted on a flat fee basis. Following the initial interview and review of your case, we evaluate the complexity of your case, calculate the estimated time which will be required to properly investigate and effectively defend you against the pending charges, and quote our attorney's fee together with a refundable cost deposit.

Our team charges you only for the work which we do on your behalf. If, as a result of our representation, we can obtain a favorable plea agreement on your behalf which you decide to accept prior to a trial being set in your case, no additional fee is required.

If, on the other hand, pretrial negotiations are not favorable and you wish to assert your right to a trial, an additional attorney's fee is required to perform the necessary work to prepare for, and present your case at trial. In addition, a trial cost deposit may be required depending on the anticipated trial costs.

We pride ourselves in fully investigating your case and challenging the State's case against you. This normally requires taking the depositions of all of the witnesses whom the State discloses to us as part of the discovery process. These witnesses may be police officers, forensic experts, and any lay witnesses with knowledge of the charges against you. The cost deposit is used in part to subpoena these witnesses for deposition, and to retain the services of an official court reporter to properly document their testimony.

In addition, depending on the complexity of your case and the extent of the investigation performed by law enforcement, we may recommend hiring a private investigator to conduct an independent investigation to locate additional witnesses or uncover favorable evidence that may prove critical to your defense.

Your first step towards freedom and a better future begins when you call our St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney at (727) 822-3700 for a consultation. Our compassionate legal services are unparalleled.

What is the Trial Process Like?

At trial, the State Attorney and defense attorney will select a six-person jury (except in capital cases) which will receive the testimony and evidence in your case and determine whether the State has proven its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Our attorney takes particular care in the jury selection process, since a biased jury may dismiss problems with the State's case or ignore testimony that is favorable to you and not return a proper verdict.

In all criminal trials, the jury's verdict must be unanimous. If they fail to reach a unanimous verdict, the Judge will rule that a “mistrial” has occurred, at which time a new trial date is scheduled.

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